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Why Tony Bloom and Football are a Match Made in Heaven

Tony-BloomBusinessman-investor Tony Bloom and the world’s most popular and beloved game football are said to be a match made in heaven and we could not agree more. These two click like coffee and cream even if at first look they may appear to be a long stretch. But really, they complement each other so well that they even change the course of history and here’s why.

Born in 1970 at the seaside resort town in Brighton England, young Tony was introduced to the game early on. He grew up in a family of football aficionados who considered watching matches at the Goldstone Ground as huge family affairs. Plus, they were massive fans of the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. This made it no surprise that Harry Bloom, infamous motor trader and hotelier and grandfather to Tony, was deputy-chair to the club during the decade. Even his uncle Ray was a director during the ‘80s. Simply put, the Blooms were supporters of both sport and club and they made sure to not just cheer them on but also support them in more ways than one.

Young Tony Bloom was no stranger to his family’s fascination as it was something he shared with them. He recalls seeing matches at the Goldstone Ground some of his most prized memories with his family.

After graduating at the University of Manchester with a mathematics degree, he proceeded to become an options trader at accounting firm Earnest & Young. He later on left the position to pursue his dreams in business and investments which proved fruitful as it helped him build his equity and wealth that he so enjoys to this day.

With such success, it helped him come back to his childhood love: football. He entered the Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. as an investor and stockholder in the year 2000. By May of 2009, he bought majority share and became its newest and current chairman.

Tony Bloom’s dreams for the club were just as massive as his love for it. In 1997, the Albions suffered from a huge loss after its home base, Goldstone Ground, was sold off in a futile attempt to pay off debts by Bill Archer and David Belloti. This left the club homeless for 12 years. But with its new chairman, history was changed with the construction of the £93 million American Express Community Stadium which opened in 2011 and sits a maximum of 30,750 people, a project which was personally funded in part and spearheaded by Tony himself.

What the Tony Bloom Charitable Trust is All About

tony-bloom-foundation-lindaWith its headquarters in London, the Tony Bloom Charitable Trust has been one of the frontrunners in fighting poverty across the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and the developing countries of Asia and Africa.

Founded by Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club chairman and renowned business magnate and investor, the charity began in 2011 with five trustees: the couple Tony and Linda Bloom, Marcelle Lester, Adam Franks and Marc Sugarman.

Currently known as the “Tony Bloom Foundation”, it supports causes, projects and organizations that focus on the advancement of health, life preservation, education and training, livelihood and employment, disability assistance, food, water, safety, famine relief, overseas aide, economic and community development and other general and charitable purposes. This is done by creating advocacies and advice to spread awareness about the said issues and by supporting and offering grants to like institutions and projects.

The charity also gives special importance to efforts that focus on children, adolescents, victims of war and abuse and minority groups. This is clearly stated and manifested in its official charitable objects as follows: “The prevention or relief of poverty in developing countries by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient. To promote and protect the physical and mental health of disabled and terminally ill children and soldiers disabled or made ill by conflict. Such charitable purposes for the public benefit as are exclusively charitable under the laws of England and Wales as the trustees may from time to time determine.”

Majority of the foundation’s resources come from voluntary pledges and donations with a percentage coming from the fruits of carefully chosen investments. As of March 31, 2015, the Bloom Foundation continues to be acknowledged as a registered charity in England and Wales by the UK government. It has reported a total of a £3.1 million worth of income from and investments and £1.9 million worth of spending on charitable activities, governance and investment management. This translates to spending of around 61% on charitable activities and 1% on governance and income generation (operational expenses). The remaining 38% was retained for future charitable grants and efforts.

Today, the Tony Bloom Foundation continues to fight and work for the same causes but with a more passionate drive and a bigger family to help them in their battle against poverty.

The Link Between Tony Bloom and Football

Tony BloomTony Bloom. Does the name ring a bell? If it does then we’re not surprised. This man has made a name for himself during the past couple of years so he’s bound to come up somewhere. Perhaps one of, if not the most, noteworthy things about him would have to be football.

Does he play in the World Cup then? No but his contributions to the sport are pretty much groundbreaking and extremely remarkable.

During the 1970s in the English seaside resort town of Brighton, Anthony Grant, nicknamed Tony, was born to a family of football aficionados and fanatics. As a child, he would often attend matches at the Goldstone Ground together with his brother, father and grandpa.

In the same decade, his grandfather Harry who was a well-known hotel owner and motor trader became vice chairman of the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club (also called the “Albions” or the “Seagulls”) with Mike Bamber as chairman. This was a groundbreaking time as the club rose from the old Third Division to the First Division of the Football League. In the 1980s his uncle Ray served as director.

By the year 2000, Tony himself has supported the sport and the club by becoming one of its major stockholders and investors. He even personally financed the construction of two groundbreaking structures namely the American Express Community Stadium aka the Amex which serves as the home of Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. and the American Express Elite Football Performance Centre. The two have long since opened their doors back in 2011 and 2014 respectively. These two, Tony helped finance from his personal pocket. Talk about fan devotion!

And as fate would have it, Tony Bloom like his grandpa Harry and uncle Ray served a very important post as the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club’s chairman officially as of May 2009 and up to the present. He succeeded the 12 year post held previously by Harry Dick Knight.

Anthony Grant “Tony” Bloom unlike his predecessors appears to be more timid in comparison. Known to be a man of a few words, he may not come with as much long and grand speeches but he is someone who definitely can walk the talk. All his achievements and contributions to Brighton, to the club and to the sport has earned him the respect of many which was why he was voted and awarded as “Brightonian of the Year” in 2009.

Tony Bloom and His Wife’s Battle with Multiple Sclerosis

Tony BloomChairman to the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, property investor and businessman, Tony Bloom has fought several drawbacks and challenges in his career. One of the most noteworthy of them would have to be Multiple Sclerosis.

His Australian born wife Linda, to whom he has a seven year old son with, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) more than a decade ago. It is a degenerative neurological condition that affects the central nervous system (e.g. brain, optic nerves, spinal cord) and disrupts the information flow between the brain and the body and within the brain itself.

The immune system of a person with MS attacks the protective sheath called myelin that covers the nerve fibers. This is what causes the communication difficulty between the brain and the rest of the body. Over time, this deteriorates the nerves where they can become permanently damaged. Mild cases are characterized by numbness of the limbs and eyesight blurring among others while severe ones may result to blindness and paralysis. Its symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, vision problems, difficulties in balance, bladder issues, muscle stiffness, spasms, memory gap, troubles in speaking and emotional instability.

Furthermore, this disabling condition comes as relapses which are untimed with the frequency and intensity uncertain. It has no known cause nor is an exact cure discovered and is even considered to be rare with only 0.035% of the world population suffering from it. Treatments are however available but they are merely to deter the relapses and hopefully prolong the patient’s life.

Tony recalls of Linda’s initial months with Ms to be “tough and discouraging”. He remembers that she was “in such a bad way she could not get off the sofa and couldn’t even lift up a pen”. Thankfully and miraculously, she has managed to control and manage her condition through proper and healthy diet, meditation yoga, exercise and self-hypnosis.

It is because of this that Linda established the OMS Foundation which stands for ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis”, something that her husband Tony ardently supports. In fact he has run two Brighton marathons, one in 2011 and the other in 2015, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the cause. During his second race, he aimed to raise £100,000 for the said charity. The race takes place every April in Brighton and covers a total of 42.2 kilometers.

Tony Bloom himself has a charity of his own known as the Bloom Foundation whose main goal is to provide relief and solution to poverty in various developing countries focusing on education, food, water and safety.