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A List of Fun Football Trivia

Liverpool v Debrecen, UEFA Champions League 2009Football has risen to be the most loved and celebrated sport all over the world. Fans travel far and wide to witness the world cup and enthusiasts have devoted a lot of invested time and passion to it. Surely, it has accumulated a lot of interesting bits and bobs throughout its run in history. Care to find out what they are? Here take a look!

  • A traditional football has 32 panels which represents each of the countries in Europe where its initial craze began. The continent is no doubt the biggest and most avid out of the others about the sport. It’s also slightly oval in shape and the pattern has to be credited for the illusion of a perfect sphere.
  • Although considered to be one of the biggest and most passionate football nations, the United Kingdom actually has a different national sport and that’s cricket. Surprised?
  • Early versions of the ball were made of an inflated pig bladder which was later on put inside a leather cover or case. Modern versions are now made of rubber.
  • England’s reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II would often dress in disguise during her teenage years so she can participate in pickup up soccer matches near the Buckingham Palace.
  • English professional footballer Lee Todd received the fastest red card in history at 2 seconds into the match. This was after he cursed about how loud the whistle was at the start of the game.
  • FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), the international governing body of association football, futsal and beach soccer, has more member countries than the UN. FIFA has 211 while the UN has 193.
  • Football is the most physical intensive of all ball sports as an average player runs for at least forty eight kilometers during an average game. That’s quite a workout!
  • The game between AS Adema and SO I’Emyrne in Antananarivo, Madagascar on October 31, 2002 holds the world record for the highest score in a game. AS Adema scored a whopping 149 goals with SO I’Emyrne at a nil.
  • The very first match to be televised was that of a specially-arranged friendly game between Arsenal and Arsenal Reserves on the 16th September in 1937.

Which among the above fun facts blew your mind the most? Did we miss any of your favorite fun facts.