The Real Reason Why Sports Makes You Happy

football happyAny type of sport is one hell of an exercise. It’s a total workout not just of the physical body but the mind too. But if there’s one thing that all this adrenaline and sweat can definitely bring to the table, that’s happiness. Yes, sports make people happy and we don’t mean merely watching a game and seeing your favorite team win.

According to science, the reason behind the flood of feel good emotions has a lot to do with biology. As we play a sport and exercise, the brain releases a chemical called dopamine which is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Additionally, sports enable the body to become acquainted with stress. These games whether played casually or competitively involves a combination of bodily movements, tactics and problem solving skills. These create an environment that involves low-level stress characterized by a higher heart rate, a burst of hormonal changes and shots of adrenaline. By subjecting oneself to these, the body gets more acquainted with it thereby helping one become stronger and better at handling the stress over time to a point where it’s barely even felt. Think about this as something like a shot of vaccine.

It makes us happy because it increases our confidence. We can credit sports for two reasons here. First, because it is a workout per se, the body develops. One develops stronger bones and leaner muscles. These alone can improve one’s physical. But more than that, playing a game can boost one’s self-assurance too. It takes just as much mental prowess to play sports. Completing a game regardless of winning is very fulfilling and satisfying. Plus, one learns a lot about oneself from talents to how one is able to manage stress to thinking patterns and decision making capabilities.

Experts also suggest that sports make people happier simply because they ease anxiety. Although not a replacement for therapy, it helps release frustrations, emotional outbursts, worries and anger. People who have suffered from anxiety can consider sports as a healthy outlet to help relieve tension.

Last but not the least, it makes us healthy. As the adage goes, health is wealth. Don’t a lot of problems arise when our bodies are below par? Plus, the healthier we are the more capable we become of achieving certain goals and that makes us happy.

Now, what sport are you planning to play? Can we join in?